Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Śląskiej. Seria Transport
Volume 1
p-ISSN: 0209-3324
e-ISSN: 2450-1549
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Czech, P. Archives - 2016 volume 93. Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport. 1983, 1, 1-10. ISSN: 0209-3324. DOI:

Archives of 2016

Fig. 1. Cover of issue vol. 93 / 2016

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Volume 93

  1. Andrzej FELLNER, Eugeniusz PIECHOCZEK, Radosław FELLNER: RNAV GNSS flight validation approach procedures for EPKT RWY27. PDF XML HTML

  2. Krzysztof GARBALA, Wojciech PIEKARSKI, Sylwia ANDRZEJEWSKA, Kazimierz WITASZEK: Analysis of operating parameters and indicators of a compression ignition engine fuelled with LPG. PDF XML HTML

  3. Piotr GUSTOF, Aleksander HORNIK, Piotr CZECH, Damian JĘDRUSIK: The influence of engine speed on the thermal stresses of the piston. PDF XML HTML

  4. Tomasz HANISZEWSKI: Conception of the Arduino platform as a base for the construction of distributed diagnostic systems. PDF XML HTML

  5. Henryk JAFERNIK: The test programme concerning aircraft positioning and traffic monitoring – part II. PDF XML HTML

  6. Ján KAPUSTA , Alica KALAŠOVÁ: A comparison of truck driver safety between the EU and the USA. PDF XML HTML

  7. Karolina KOŁDYS: Proposal for security plans creation for high consequence dangerous goods in road transport of dangerous goods. PDF XML HTML

  8. Ladislav KUŽMA, Dalibor KUŽMA, Žaneta MIŽENKOVÁ: Helicopter UAV fuselage bulkhead modelling. PDF XML HTML

  9. Paweł MAJEWSKI, Jarosław SPYCHAŁA, Mariusz ŻOKOWSKI: Some problems with vibroacoustic method in relation to the transmission gearbox of a military helicopter. PDF XML HTML

  10. Ilona MAŃKA, Adam MAŃKA: Cost analysis and optimization in the logistic supply chain using the SimProLOGIC program. PDF XML HTML

  11. Marek RUTKOWSKI: The attempts to improve the formal transport system in the Kingdom of Poland during the crisis in the early 1860s. PDF XML HTML

  12. Oskar SLOBODA, Peter KORBA, Michal HOVANEC, Jan PILA: Numerical approach in aeroelasticity. PDF XML HTML

  13. Maciej STOŁTNY: Instrument landing system as an example of a precision approach system. PDF XML HTML

  14. Jerzy UCHROŃSKI: Role and tasks of the police in an airport crisis situation. PDF XML HTML

  15. Igor VAKULENKO, Dariy BOLOTOVA, Oleg PERKOV, Alex LISNIAK: Influence of hot-reduction parameters on the steel austenite structure of a railway wheel. PDF XML HTML

  16. Andrzej N. WIECZOREK: Analysis of the possibility of integrating a mining right-angle planetary gearbox with technical diagnostics systems. PDF XML HTML
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