Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Śląskiej. Seria Transport
Volume 1
p-ISSN: 0209-3324
e-ISSN: 2450-1549
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Czech, P. Publishing. Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport. 1983, 1, 1-10. ISSN: 0209-3324. DOI:


Submitting articles means that the author (with co-authors) agrees with all the requirements specified in the iInformationnstructions for authors presented on the website of Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport (SJSUT.ST).

Any article to be published in the journal must have been previously considered by the editorial board. Any mismatch between an article and the subjects’ profile of the journal, blunders or mismatch between an article and the instructions for authors may result in publication being refused.

Articles published in this journal should contain new and original content.

Articles will not being accepted for publication that are very similar to previously rejected ones.

The author should send the article to the journal's email address ( or the editor-in-chief (

The identification number is assigned for each prepared and accepted papers. This identification number is used for correspondence with the author of the article.

Researchers who work in a different academic institution to the author (and co-authors), as well as the editorial board of the journal and international programming council, are invited to review articles. Any reviewer must be a recognized expert in the aforementioned field and/or an independent academician with a docent or professorial rank. Persons who are in a close relationship with the author will be excluded as reviewers.

Reviewers are selected in accordance with the principle of avoiding any conflict of interest. Examples of conflicts of interest include a personal relationship between reviewer and author, occupational subordination, and direct scientific cooperation over the last two years prior to the review.

All the papers published in the journal are reviewed and printed after obtaining two positive reviews.

Each review candidate first receives the abstract of the paper without any information about the author. On the basis of the abstract and any information about the volume of the paper, the candidate then decides how the review will be executed.

A review should be written in English on the review form submitted by the editorial office. This review can be written in another language with the consent of the editorial board.

The contract with the reviewer establishes the requirements for rigor, details of the review and execution time. Reviewers receive no remuneration for a review.

Reviewers, through exclusive mediation by the editorial board, can contact the author for additional data (e.g. experimental) that were used in writing the article.

The review is provided in written form and concludes with an explicit recommendation to either accept or reject the paper for publication.

An additional reviewer is assigned in the case of a negative review.

The editorial board may refuse to accept a review, unless it complies with the requirements of the contract.

In the case of diametrically opposite assessments from the selected reviewers, the final decision is made by the editorial board.

The author receives a text of the review without any information about the reviewer.

The review process is confidential until the decision about the acceptance or the rejection of the article.

The review is carried out using a "single-blind review process" (until 2015) or "double-blind review process" (since 2015).

After a decision to accept an article has been made, the author is obliged to make adjustments indicated by the reviewer.

Minor and insignificant corrections of an editorial nature may be made by the editorial board without the author’s involvement.

All reviewers have the right to re-verify the article before it is printed.

A list of reviewers is published in the last issue of the journal every year, as well as on the website.

The editors decide about the issues relevant to the journal in which any article is published.

Authors of publications in the journal do not receive an honorarium. They must also agree with the publication of articles in the printed version of the journal and the Internet version.

The printed form is the original version.

The journal has assigned a DOI number. The use of a DOI number in the bibliography improves the traceability of the article on the Internet and increases the impact of the respective citation.

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling, at the University of Warsaw in Poland, and BazTech digitize, store and host volumes of journals as an external repository for the journal.

The National Library of Poland is the next external repository for the journal.

Since Volume 91, all published articles have been in English. In addition, all articles have been subject to a proofreading procedure by professional proofreading services.

In order to unequivocally identify authors, Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) has been mandatory since volume 109.

Originality of all articles have been verified in the iThenticate plagiarism checker system since volume 115.

Fig. 1. Clear policy of reviewing and publishing
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