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Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Śląskiej. Seria Transport
Volume 1
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Czech, P. Archives - 2014 volume 82. Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport. 1983, 1, 1-10. ISSN: 0209-3324. DOI:

Archives of 2014

Fig. 1. Cover of issue vol. 82 / 2014

Volume 82

  1. Jerzy BAJKOWSKI: The experimental didactic stand for determining the parameters of the gear with magnetorheological clutch and brake.

  2. Marcin BAJKOWSKI, Jacek Mateusz BAJKOWSKI, Marek RADOMSKI: The experimental-didactic stand for the analysis of the influence of the parallel set of magnetorheological dampers on the recoil of the sliding unit.

  3. Sławomir BEDNARCZYK: Definition of the gear’s geometry in the planetary cycloidal transmission.

  4. Kinga CHRONOWSKA, Marcin KOT, Łukasz MAJOR: Analysis of the properties of new groups of coatings applied in highly loaded machine components.

  5. Piotr CZECH: Conception of use vibroacoustic signals and neural networks for diagnosing of chosen elements of internal combustion engines in car vehicles.

  6. Grzegorz DOMEK: Design trends in timing belts.

  7. Marian DUDZIAK, Ireneusz MALUJDA, Krzysztof TALAŚKA: Torque measurement in worm aglomeration machine.

  8. Piotr FOLĘGA: Harmonic drive selection.

  9. Piotr FOLĘGA, Grzegorz WOJNAR, Piotr CZECH: Influence of housing ribbing modification on frequencies and shapes of vibrations.

  10. Grzegorz GASIAK: Analysis of thread coil effort in the screw – nut joint.

  11. Rafał GOSZYC, Bogdan POSIADAŁA, Paweł WARYŚ: Modelling and analysis of the mobile platform under its work conditions.

  12. Przemysław GRZESICA: Identification of meshing stiffness function by means of finite element method.

  13. Wojciech HORAK, Adrian KLUCZNY, Józef SALWIŃSKI: Alternative lubrication medium for food industry.

  14. Roman KACZYŃSKI, Bogusław HOŚCIŁO: A prototypical hydrodynamic mini generator of electric energy to be used in the channel flow.

  15. Tomasz KĄDZIOŁKA, Sławomir KOWALSKI: Analysis of the root causes and impact of road accidents and collisions at selected intersections in the city of Nowy Sącz.

  16. Mariusz KUCZAJ, Antoni SKOĆ: Assesment of dynamic load of the gear accounting interstage coupling in respect of isolated stages.

  17. Jerzy MARGIELEWICZ: Model research of the active vibroisolation cabs machine.

  18. Tadeusz MARKOWSKI, Michał BATSCH: Analytical and numerical methods to obtain contact pattern of convexo-concave Novikov gearing.

  19. Tadeusz OPASIAK, Damian GĄSKA, Bogusław ŁAZARZ: Analysis of movement resistance of conveyor belt and rollers in the coal mine Mysłowice-Wesoła.

  20. Piotr PAJĄK, Marek BARSKI: Damage detection in composite cylindrical panel based on forced vibration analysis.

  21. Jadwiga PISULA, Mieczysław PŁOCICA: Influence of assembly errors of bevel gear pair on the mesh quality.

  22. Stanisław RADKOWSKI, Robert GUMIŃSKI: Proactive strategy maintenance.

  23. Ryszard ROHATYŃSKI, Michał SĄSIADEK: Design of machines for assembly, disassembly and reverse logistics.

  24. Paweł ROMANOWICZ, Henryk SANECKI: Effect of interference fit between wheel hub axle seat of a rail vehicle on stresses in a transition zone.

  25. Anna M. RYNIEWICZ, Łukasz BOJKO, Wojciech RYNIEWICZ, Paweł PAŁKA: Tests metallic biomaterials for computer-aided design and manufacturing of fixed prosthetic restorations.

  26. Henryk G. SABINIAK, Robert A. CICHOWICZ: CAD and CAE methods in computer assisted design of worm meshes.

  27. Marek SIKOŃ, Michał PRĄCIK: Method of measurement of the pressure in hydraulic and pneumatic systems with laser beam application.

  28. Grzegorz SZALA, Bogdan LIGAJ: Models of fatigue life curves in fatigue life calculations of machine elements – examples of research.

  29. Bogdan SZYBIŃSKI: Numerical analysis and optimization of supporing system for four horns assembly.

  30. Krzysztof TWARDOCH: Digital geometric modelling of teeth profile by using CAD methodology.

  31. Joanna WALASEK: Logistics customer service on the example of logistic’s operator.

  32. Angelika WRONKOWICZ, Dominik WACHLA: A generative CAD model of a worm gear meshing.
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