Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Śląskiej. Seria Transport
Volume 1
p-ISSN: 0209-3324
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Czech, P. Archives - 2008 volume 64. Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport. 1983, 1, 1-10. ISSN: 0209-3324. DOI:

Archives of 2008

Fig. 1. Cover of issue vol. 64/ 2008

Volume 64

  1. Tomasz FIGLUS, Andrzej WILK: Analysis of the excitation forces change and there influence on the crankcase vibration of the internal combustion engine.

  2. Jan FILIPCZYK: The investigation of influence of the engine technical condition on traffic emission.

  3. Janusz GARDULSKI: Influence of technical state of shock-absorber on damping characteristics.

  4. Sylwester MARKUSIK, Maria CIEŚLA: Study on new technologies and constructions in regional transport.

  5. Bogusław ŁAZARZ, Grzegorz PERUŃ: Influence of gear faults on shafts vibration of gearbox working in circulating power system.

  6. Marek SITARZ, Adam MAŃKA: Aerodynamics of railway wheel - brake shoe system and its influence on thermal loads.

  7. Tomasz WĘGRZYN, Michał MIROS, Damian HADRYŚ: Post accidents truck frames welding with basic coated electrodes with addition of molybdenum.

  8. Krystian WILK, Jarosław KOBRYŃ: Analysis of reduced dimensionless temperatures characterizing combustion process in a car engine FIAT 110 MPI.

  9. Janusz WOCH: Methods of optimization of transport networks. Traffic flow analysis at Chorzowska-Rozdzienskiego street.

  10. Henryk BĄKOWSKI: Influence choosing operation factrors on process of wear in rolling-sliding pairing at the fluid present.

  11. Maciej BOLDYS: Construction optimization of the strengthening of bearing elements of machines and installations.

  12. Rafał BURDZIK, Paweł SOBCZAK: Methods of defects classification of passenger cars shock-absorbers.

  13. Piotr CZECH, Krystian WILK, Rafał ŁUKASIK: Concept of the use of MLP neural networks in the process of traffic damage liquidation.

  14. Paweł FABIŚ: Compilation of SI engine vibration signal filtration method.

  15. Tomasz FIGLUS: Diagnosing of the valve clearance of the diesel engine.

  16. Jan FILIPCZYK: The turbocharging systems of SI engine as method for downsizing.

  17. Piotr FOLĘGA: The modelling of constructional elements of harmonic drive.

  18. Damian HADRYŚ, Michał MIROS, Tomasz WĘGRZYN: Welded joints of carbody elements in post-accident vehicle repair.

  19. Łukasz KONIECZNY, Bogusław ŚLEZIAK: The influence of chosen parameters on hydraulic shock absorber dumping characteristics.

  20. Marcin KRUPA: Influence of temperature on valve of friction coefficient in friction brakes.

  21. Grzegorz KUBICA: An investigation of initiation and course of combustion process in SI engine fueled with alternative gas fuels and its hydrogen blends.

  22. Aleksandra KUTRZYK, Jan FILIPCZYK: Description of the level of exhaust emission from spark ignition engines for different work conditions of engine.

  23. Elżbieta MACIOSZEK: The applications calculated roundabouts capacity on the world.

  24. Sylwester MARKUSIK, Maria CIEŚLA: Transport systems’ logistics in big urban areas.

  25. Michał MIROS, Damian HADRYŚ, Tomasz WĘGRZYN: Influence character preliminary load welded joints of vehicle frames on plastic properties.

  26. Adam MOLECKI: Connections between traffic generators and restrictions in tram traffic simulators.

  27. Grzegorz PERUŃ, Bogusław ŁAZARZ: Modeling of rolling element bearing damage in gear of power transmission test stand.

  28. Grzegorz SIERPIŃSKI: The dependence of time delay from queue length on inlet of signalized intersection.

  29. Marek SITARZ, Ilona MAŃKA, Edyta JANOWSKA-BUCKA: Safety management systems in maintenance works of railway stock on the basis of iris standard.

  30. Paweł SOBCZAK: Model research of suspension.

  31. Aleksander SOBOTA: The analysis of traffic fluctuations on selected sections of DTŚ.

  32. Rafał SROKA: Influence of cylinder cutoff on engine vibroacoustics signal.

  33. Zbigniew STANIK, Mirosław WITASZEK: Wear and diagnostics of automotive rolling bearings in service.

  34. Jan WARCZEK: Identification of nonlinear elements damping characteristics base of dynamics change analysis.

  35. Kazimierz WITASZEK, Mirosław WITASZEK: The influence of cyclic disconnecting on friction force in automotive connectors.

  36. Mirosław WITASZEK, Kazimierz WITASZEK: Laboratory assessement of the influence of contact pressure and sliding speed on wear rate of a tyre steel grade B6T in dry sliding conditions.

  37. Grzegorz WOJNAR: Selection of toothed gear vibrations signals for diagnostics.
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