Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Śląskiej. Seria Transport
Volume 1
p-ISSN: 0209-3324
e-ISSN: 2450-1549
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Czech, P. Archives - 2011 volume 72 Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport. 1983, 1, 1-10. ISSN: 0209-3324. DOI:

Archives of 2011

Fig. 1. Cover of issue vol. 72 / 2011

Volume 72

  1. Marcin BERNAS, Bartłomiej PŁACZEK: Application of cellular automata for road traffic modelling in varying weather conditions.

  2. Rafał BURDZIK: The influence of the rotational speed of engine on vibrations transferred on vehicle construction.

  3. Robert GREGA, Jaroslav HOMIŠIN, Peter KAŠŠAY, Jozef KRAJNÁK: The analyse of vibrations after changing shaft coupling in drive belt conveyer.

  4. Jaroslav HOMIŠIN: Controlling torsional vibration of mechanical systems by application of pneumatic flexible shaft couplings.

  5. Jaroslav HOMIŠIN, Matej URBANSKÝ: Results of measurement of transitional effects at air pressure changes in pneumatic coupling during mechanical system operation.

  6. Sylwia KACZYNSKA-ADAMCZYK: Reasons and forms of local governments’ engagement in aviation branch.

  7. Łukasz KIWIOR, Piotr CZECH, Jacek BARCIK: System of road toll collection functioning on the territory of Germany.

  8. Karolina ŁACHACZ, Aleksander SŁADKOWSKI: Method of racyclability assessment on the example of forklift truck.

  9. Anna OSMÓLSKA, Bogusław ŁAZARZ, Piotr CZECH: Assessment of communication noise danger on a section of a national road no. 94 running through Dąbrowa Górnicza.

  10. Marcin STANIEK: Evaluation methods of pavement condition of road network.

  11. Edward TRZENSIK, Marek SWIATŁON: Impact of implementation Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standard on the automotive industry, in terms of implementation of new technologies and growth operating costs of vehicles.

  12. Piotr UCHRONSKI: Effect of terminal infrastructure for civil aviation security.

  13. Grzegorz WOJNAR, Piotr CZECH, Zbigniew STANIK: Use of amplitude estimates and nondimensional discriminants of vibroacoustic signal for detection of operational wear of rolling bearings.
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