Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Śląskiej. Seria Transport
Volume 1
p-ISSN: 0209-3324
e-ISSN: 2450-1549
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Czech, P. Archives - 2013 volume 81. Scientific Journal of Silesian University of Technology. Series Transport. 1983, 1, 1-10. ISSN: 0209-3324. DOI:

Archives of 2013

Fig. 1. Cover of issue vol. 81 / 2013

Volume 81

  1. Henryk BĄKOWSKI: The possibilities to reflect the operational conditions and their effects in the selected rolling-sliding contact.

  2. Rafał BURDZIK: Methods of experimental research on reaction time of novel car lighting assist systems on the AFL example.

  3. Katarzyna CHRUZIK, Aleksander DRZEWIECKI, Rafał WACHNIK: The use of FMEA method for risk assesment in MMS.

  4. Piotr CZECH: Application of probabilistic neural network and vibration signals for diesel car engine fuel injectors damage.

  5. Marek FLEKIEWICZ, Paweł FABIŚ: The effects of blending dimethyl ether with LPG on engine operation and efficiency.

  6. Andrzej HEŁKA, Marek SITARZ: Certification researches of carbon contact strips.

  7. Jaroslav HOMIŠIN, Pavol ČOPAN, Matej URBANSKÝ: Experimental determination of characteristic properties of selected types of flexible shaft couplings.

  8. Peter KAŠŠAY, Jaroslav HOMIŠIN: Determining the properties of pneumatic flexible shaft couplings with wedge flexible elements.

  9. Sławomir KOWALSKI, Tomasz KĄDZIOŁKA: The analysis of causes of road accidents in limanowa poviat.

  10. Jozef KRAJŇÁK, Robert GREGA: Comparison of three different gases and their influence on dynamic properties one-bellow and two-bellows flexible pneumatic coupling.

  11. Tomasz KUMINEK: Influence of tram load on deformations elastic tram wheel elements.

  12. Elżbieta MACIOSZEK: The selected results of surveys conducted on a group of cyclists moving in the upper silesia area.

  13. Adam MAŃKA, Marek SITARZ: Artificial intelligent method using for automatic designing and construction optimization on railway wheel example.

  14. Mirosław SIERGIEJCZYK, Adam ROSIŃSKI: Diagnostic of security systems used in transport.

  15. Robert STANOSZEK, Piotr CZECH: Proposals for changes in winter section of the highway concession.

  16. Tomasz STRASZEWSKI, Jan WARCZEK: Assessment of comfort traveling in buses public transport.

  17. Piotr UCHROŃSKI: The legitimacy of equipment for civilian airport security screeners coercive measures.

  18. Matej URBANSKÝ, Jaroslav HOMIŠIN, Pavol ČOPAN: Examination of mechanical system response to gaseous media pressure changes in the pneumatic coupling.

  19. Tomasz WOJDYŁA: Analysis of railway wheel loads.

  20. Jarmila VOJTKOVÁ, Silvia MEDVECKÁ - BEŇOVÁ: Influence of the parameters on the construction of the power ball planetary toroidal drive.
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